Motorized Photography Turntable


The Motorized Photography Turntable is automated to help you create perfect product  photography shots, videos, and trade show displays.

Muxall Turntable Designed for:

  • 3D and 360 Product Photography
  • Product Video
  • Trade Shows Displays

Here is a link to a 360 / 3D product view using the Muxall Turntable and Cappasity 3D software: 3D View 

The Muxall Turntable is easy to use. Plug it in and it will start rotating to your last settings.

Setting the Turntable is easy.  Simply plug in the turntable, connect an Ethernet cable to your PC, set the IP address, and use a web browser to get to the Control Panel webpage.  You can also connect it to your LAN if it is going to be permanently staged.

 Video showing how to automate and extend the functionality of the Turntable using the HTML API: HTML Automation Using cURL