Device Freedom

As the Founder of Muxall, I wanted a product that eliminated, or at least greatly reduced, some of the annoying things I constantly ran into with smart phones, PCs and some household and office electronics.

Annoying thing #1: Smart phone apps that only run on Android phones, iPhones, or Windows phones. 

Our Solution: We developed a web app that will run on any phone, laptop, or PC that has a web browser.

Annoying thing #2: Having to login to whatever service and give personal and sometimes financial information  just to download FREE apps.  Then having to repeat that process for each device!

Our Solution: Movement’s web app automatically installs, and updates if needed, whenever you access the Movement locally or use the Cloud service.

Annoying thing #3: Bedroom alarm clock that loses it’s time and alarm settings after a power outage. A lot of people migrated to smart phones to fix this issue but, if you don’t sleep with your smart phone, then this can be really annoying!

Our Solution: Movement automatically sets the time for your time zone after a power outage, never loses its alarms, and automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time.

Annoying thing #4: Alarms and Timers that don’t tell you what’s going on.  Have you ever set an alarm or timer that started beeping but you ignored it because you didn’t remember why you set it?  I have!

Our Solution: Movement can talk.  If you set an alarm and enter the text “Important meeting with boss at 8:00 AM”, when the alarm goes off, it will repeat over and over, “Important meeting with boss at 8:00 AM”.  The same with timers.  Set timers to say “check turkey”, “pull pie from oven”, “check 3D printer”,  “move the water”, etc., etc..  This is one of those features you’ll think “how did I live without this?”

Annoying thing #5: Where’s the button?  It doesn’t matter if it’s a smart phone or old fashion alarm clock, the alarm starts going off and you’re trying to hit the “Snooze” button and accidentally hit the button to turn off the alarm.  That can be bad news!

Our Solution: When the alarm starts going off, one wave of your hand over the Movement will snooze the alarm and two waves of your hand will turn the alarm off.  The good news  is, since Movement can talk, it will say “alarm snoozing” or “alarm off”.   You will know exactly what’s going on even without opening your eyes.

I could go on but I won’t.  Thank you for reading what annoys me. Take a look at the features and see how the Muxall Movement can enhance your life, it has mine!