Feature Comparison

What would happen if you married a smart phone with a traditional alarm clock?  The Movement.

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 Feature Movement Smart Phone Traditional
Automatically Sets Time After Power Outage Yes Yes No
Automatically Adjusts For Daylight Savings Time Yes Yes No
Turn Off Alarm Without Logging In Yes No Yes
Voice Feedback Yes No No
Support Many Alarms With Names Yes Yes No
Saves Alarms After Power Outage Yes Yes No
Support Many Timers With Names Yes Maybe No
Ability To See The Time From Across the Room Yes No Yes
Plays Radio For Alarms Yes Maybe Yes
Plays MP3 or FLAC for Alarms Yes Maybe No
Plays MP4 For Alarms Yes No No
Plays Text To Speech For Alarms Yes No No
Sleep Mode Yes Maybe No
White Noise With Settable Snooze Time Yes Maybe No
Quality HiFi Stereo Yes No No
Add Alarm Using A GUI Yes Yes No
Fourteen Font Colors For Time Yes No No
USB Charging Station Yes No Maybe
Display Standard Or Military Time Yes No No
Use As  PC Speakers Yes No No
Use As Bluetooth Speakers Yes No No