Next Level

Imagine buying an electronic product that can be repurposed. 

Imagine a product that is an alarm clock today, a Bluetooth speaker tomorrow and a baby monitor in the future.

We are on the verge of a paradigm shift in how we think about electronic products.  For example, what would your smart phone be if it wasn’t a phone?   That is, your smart phone does everything it does now but did not place telephone calls.  Would it be a mp3 player, a GPS, a gaming console,  or an alarm clock?  No, you’d probably call it a pocket computer just like you call your laptop a computer.

The Muxall Movement is the first ever SD-IoT Room Computer designed with this next level thinking.  Movement bridges the gap between your smart phone and laptop and provides many standalone services for use in your home or office.  Times are gone buying PC speakers, a docking station, a charging station, a bedroom alarm clock, a desk clock, a kitchen timer, or a Bluetooth speaker when all you need is one device that is designed to be seen across the room, has excellent audio, defined by software, and upgradeable for life.