Sound Time Movement

Sound Quality: Movement's 4mm thick ABS enclosure and heavy weight produce a good bass response.  The opposing speakers reflect music off of the walls and give good separation, even close up.  The shielded speakers and HF choke reduce the noise inherent in a small enclosures.  The powerful,  low distortion, high efficiency, amp provides big sound that will envelop you in music.

Audio Files: Movement has been tested with flac, wav, and mp3 files.  I shouldn't say this, but it can also play video files; officially, video files are not supported.  Movement owners will have to vote on that feature.

Streaming: Movement can stream music from online radio stations, PCs, file servers, or anything that will stream music using a URL or IP address.  In the future, Movement may support subscription based services but, since there are so many,  which ones will have to be voted on by Movement owners.

Speaking: Movement's SayWhat feature enables you to type in any text and have it converted and played back  as audio,  English only.  However, the TTS (Text To Speech) service we use currently supports 20 languages. This will be in a future release.

Clock: Movement automatically sets the time to your region.  All settings; alarms, timers, radios, etc., are stored on an internal flash drive.  You will never have to reprogram your Movement after a power outage.

Alarms: Movement can use SayWhats (Text To Speech), audio files, audio streaming or the default beep for an alarm.  Alarms are programmed like your cable box: " Alarm me everyday except for the weekends, and do it until I say stop.".  Alarms can also be added using text messages and calendar reminder emails using the cloud service.

Timers: Movement really shines with timers.  Multiple timers are great.  But, if you have 3 timers running and one beeps; what is it for?  The SayWhat (Text To Speech) feature is the answer. You can relax  and have the Movement tell you exactly what timer is notifying you about without looking.